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BANTUAN KHAS SARAWAKKU SAYANG 4.0 (BKSS4.0) One-off Financial Assistance RM500 to E-Hailing Drivers and Driving Instructors via Sarawak Pay.

The Sarawak Government through the Ministry of Transport Sarawak (MOTS) is disbursing the BKSS 4.0 for E-Hailing Drivers and Driving Instructors from November to December 2020.  

Sarawak Pay welcomes you to Sign-Up and be part of the cashless society.


Please follow the steps below to register your Sarawak Pay account in order to receive the Bantuan from MOTS.
(If you already have Sarawak Pay account, consider signing up a Sarawak Pay Personal Merchant Account here)


  1. Download SP from Apple AppstoreGoogle Play Store or Huawei App Gallery

  2. Launch the App, and tap "New User Registration"
    Follow the steps below:


While you are at it, do register as Sarawak Pay Personal Merchant; 

make it safe and convenient for your customers.