i. Select “Forgot Username” at login screen.

ii. Key in your NRIC and Mobile Number.

iii. Your username will be send through SMS.

It is a screen lock to prevent unauthorized personal to access the App.  You can use this Gesture to activate your Sarawak Pay screen again.


i. Your Sarawak Pay account is protected by your 6-digit payment pin*. Rest assured that without your 6-digit payment PIN, no one will be able to use your Sarawak Pay wallet.

ii. You will need to contact our SAINS Call Centre (24x7) at 1-300-88-7246 for assistance or email us immediately at callcentre@sains.com.my

iii. Log in your Sarawak Pay account on another mobile phone to change your password and 6-digit payment pin.

*Important – For security reasons, do not reveal your 6-digit pin to anyone.



For security reasons, you only have three (3) attempts to enter the correct Payment PIN.  Once you reached the limit, the payment/transfer function will be blocked. To recover your Payment PIN :

i) Go to Security Centre

ii) Select “Password Management”

iii) Select “Retrieve Payment Pin” and verification code will be sent to your mobile number

iv) Key in verification code and complete the process


Select My Account > Security Centre > Mobile Number then you can change your Mobile Number.


You may choose to enable the use of fingerprint to authenticate your payment and transfer faster without the need to enter Payment PIN.


Sarawak Pay is using International bank grade security for all its functions including:-

i. User information is protected and securely stored in ISMS (Information Security Management under ISO) certified Data Centre.

ii. All transactions are secured by a 6-digit Payment PIN or fingerprint.

iii. All personal and financial data of users and merchants are handled in accordance with the Malaysian Personal Data Protection Act 2010. Information in Sarawak Pay is protected and securely stored in ISMS (Information Security Management under ISO) certified Data Center.

i. At the login screen, click "Forgot Password".

ii. Choose your nationality, either Malaysian or others.

iii. System will ask you to enter your NRIC and username for verification.

iv. An auto generated password will be sent to you via SMS.

v. You may use the temporary password to login and change your password once you have logged in.