No, you may use the cashback reward in Reward Account on your next payment.

Reward Account amount is owned by the Operator (SNT), therefore you are not able to do fund transfer, split bill or withdrawal from your Reward Account.

Money in your Reward Account will be deducted first during your next e-Wallet payment.

Reward Account is where your cashback and other rewards are stored in Sarawak Pay.

You can earn cashback by:-

i. Making payment using Sarawak Pay at any of the Sarawak Pay participating merchant.

ii. Making bill payment using e-Wallet at Sarawak Pay feature or Scan & Pay at the QR code of the printed bill. Ensure that you have sufficient balance in your e-wallet for bill payment.

iii. After payment immediately shake your phone or tap on “Shake for Reward” button.

i. You may have missed it. To retrieve, you may Tap on the “Shake for Reward” button to claim the reward or go to “History”, click on transaction made and Shake or Tap for Reward.

ii. Payment made via Internet Banking is not eligible for cashback.

iii. You can contact our SAINS Call Centre (24x7) at 1-300-88-7246 for further assistance or email us immediately at if no cashback is given.