This means that the bill has already been subscribed by owner/user in Paybillsmalaysia.  Assessment is allowed to be subscribed once only.  You may log log to our Call Centre (1-300-88-7246) stating the bill property reference. 

The feature to unsubscribe bill is not available yet. Kindly contact our Call Centre (1-300-88-7246) and state the bill and bill account number to be unsubscribed. We will add this feature soon. 

You cannot change the amount of the bill generated in Pay My Bills list. You may log in to your Paybillsmalaysia account where you can pay the current amount.  Another option is to use open payment.

The Biller has already generated a new bill before you made the payment and thus the amount has not been updated yet. However, it will be updated in the next billing cycle. 


If you have already paid your bill, kindly allow some time for the system to update the listing.


There are two (2) ways which you can pay your bills with Sarawak Pay.

Method 1

Scan & Pay with your physical bill’s QR code for Sarawak Pay.

Method 2

Subscribe to your bills.

Step 1: Select “Pay Bills”

Step 2: Select “Add New Bill”

Step 3: Choose Biller
Step 4: Enter account information

Note: Refer to your physical bill for the account information needed to subscribe for the bill. If you need further assistance, please call our customer service line at 1-300-88-7246.

You can subscribe to local utility bills such as SESCO, KWB, JBALB and Local Council Assessment bills. Find full listing on the app when you select ‘Add New Bill’  

It is a summary of your subscribed bills.

After bill subscription, it will normally take 2 - 3 working days for the biller to process and thereafter any outstanding bill will be reflected in your account.