Yes, please fill in the Sarawak Pay Merchant application form here: and email your request to our team at


Please email your request for change to



We need to verify that the merchant business registration owner details submitted are correct and complete together with the registered owner bank account number. Once successfully verified, your merchant account will be activated and an email will be sent to notify you.
If you can view your QR Code in Merchant Account, you may start accepting payments using Sarawak Pay.

i) NRIC photo submitted must be clear and match with owner name and NRIC entered

ii) The Bank Account No. entered must be a personal bank account and belongs to the Bank Holder Name  


Yes, Sarawak Pay registration is FREE. No fees or any costs shall be charged or collected by the agent or agencies. Please report to 1-300-88-7722 if solicited by person not authorized by Sarawak Pay.


Personal Business Registration – If you are running your own business and the proceeds goes to your own personal bank account, you can opt for online Personal Business Registration through Sarawak Pay App.


Companies’/organization/association registration – If the business is operating as a SSM registered company and the proceeds goes to the registered company bank account, use the Sarawak Pay Merchant Application Form to apply. You may engage any of our authorized agents to assist with your application.  Please refer to our Sarawak Pay website for our latest merchant application form and our authorized agents. 


If you are a verifed Sarawak Pay personal merchant, this is how you print your merchant QR Code:

Step 1: Go to Merchant Account and tap “Download QR Code”. The merchant QR Code will be saved in your phone’s photo gallery.

Note: Only merchant account that has been verified and activated will be enabled to display the QR Code.

Step 2: Send your merchant QR Code via email and download it to your computer.

Step 3: Go to to download QR Code Template (Be A Merchant >Personal Business Registration > Step 6). Ai Files or Jpeg are available to download. Follow the visual guide on where to place your merchant QR Code on the template and add in your business name. 

Step 4: Done! You can print and display your merchant QR Code to receive payment!