A good and clear video selfie is crucial for our verification process to approve your registration.

When taking your video selfie, please note the following:

  • Your camera lens is CLEAN from smudges, fingerprints or any obstructions.
  • Sufficiently bright and even lighting for your face
  • Take your selfie vertically
  • Video selfie is at least 3 seconds long
  • Make sure the phone is parallel to your face
  • Make sure to look straight into the camera
  • Remember to smile 
  • We like your glasses, you can keep them on
  • One last thing, remember to remove your facemask.


Below is a sample of what a good and clear video selfie should look like.

The following are what to avoid when taking your video selfie.

(a) Too bright

(b) Too dark

(c) Uneven lighting

(d) Camera angle too high

(e) Camera angle too low

(f) Facial feature obstructed